Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Technical Problems with the Blog on a Wednesday at the Ranch!

Well, all good things must come to an end, I guess...this evening while uploading today's blog photos a message suddenly popped up saying that I had "exceeded the amount of storage" and I could not upload any more photos. The good news is that I can fix this- I only figured this out after 45 minutes of scrambling around online. I had to upgrade my storage system with Picasa (won't bore the blog reader with this tech details) for an annual fee...but I believe I'll be able to get around playing anything by storing future photos in a different program. All of this is a long winded explanation for why the photos on today's blog are not that interesting! In other ranch news, the ranch is looking for a new name and we're open to suggestions...something besides "ranch". And not just "farm". Something that maybe goes with "Rousseau" and is animal-welfare friendly!

Toby does his tricks while the hens and others watch.

Dinner in the sunshine!
Paco's eyes are huge!
"Hey, ma...do I have something in my teeth?"
Boulder and Isabella.
Cereal at snack time.