Sunday, April 13, 2008

This and That on a Sunday at the Ranch

Another great and warm day...Mower Man was out again with both the rider mower and the regular mower, mowing away! Somebody please give this man a REAL RANCH!! We both had open houses today...I thought it might be fun to bring Bravo but quickly realized how stupid that would be...and one of the people coming through had a tiny dog in an "Outward Hound" backpack that Bravo would have tried to tear to shreds had he been there. Boulder hung out with the girls today- and for the first time ever, I picked up one of the hens! Isabella was just leaving the nesting box and squawking because she couldn't see Sophia (she has separation anxiety big-time)...so I just scooped her up and held her for a few seconds and then put her outside the coop. She didn't seem to mind being held by me at all. So I'll try again soon for a photo op!

Little spunky birdie on a branch.
And another on a chair.
The girls and Boulder at snack time.

I went to visit Karina at the cafe while she was working!
Boulder just wants so badly to belong.
Mower Man blows a kiss!!!

Going down hills is always funny to watch. The brakes don't work well.
The rooster has moved.
Could you ask for a better day to be a donkey???

Weegie at the feeder.