Sunday, May 25, 2008

Being Lazy on a Sunday at the Lazy Vegan

What a relaxing day at The Lazy Vegan! I got to rest a bit with Paco and Luigi and then spent time reading with the pups beside me in our new re-decorated and re-arranged living room, which was our morning project...we just moved a bookshelf and some furniture around and suddenly it seems like a new room. We ordered an "indoor-outdoor" area carpet for the living room and we're hoping it will withstand the abuse of three terriers and one cat. Randy spent part of the day digging up the poison oak that keeps growing back- so the day wasn't entirely lazy (never really is at The Lazy Vegan)!
Toby is totally fine after his foxtail removal.
Resting with Paco. He always gives out a big sigh when I sit down next to him!
Sometimes I can hear Paco's stomach grumble.

Bravo off leash again!
Randy works at getting the poison oak out.
Bravo checks out the terrain.
Toby and Solo run to join Bravo.
Somebody needs to tell this dog to stick his tongue back in!

The girls in the morning. They sure are a team now- just like Isabella and Sophia used to be.

"My" geese fly by!
Paco samples the new water in the cleaned out automatic waterer.
Weegie and his shadow and Paco.
Randy likes to do this silly thing with the donkeys. They don't seem to mind.