Monday, May 19, 2008

Bravo Has Some Off-Leash Time for the First Time Since His Operation!

Randy and Bravo celebrate the no-leash time!
A happy day for Bravo at the ranch today- we let him have some supervised "leash-free" time for the first time since his ACL surgery in February! He did some running around and played with Toby - he actually got out of breath pretty fast, which makes me realize how he's become a bit out of shape. I'm glad we let his leg heal as long as we did, even though it was a long process and inconvenient. Now we'll still go easy on the leash-free thing- I especially don't want him running off up the hill where the coyotes are- a neighbor actually called today and asked if we heard the coyotes last night- they were really loud (we didn't hear them). I hope they finish raising their coyote pups and move on soon!
My little Rio Bravo.
The boys all find something fascinating.
Boulder takes his ranch duties seriously.

Pups run wild!
Solo helps dig in the garden.

Three turkeys stop by for dinner.
Sophia on the ever-growing manure pile.
Solo shows off his teeth!
Randy is still working on adjusting the fencing.

Nap time at lunch time.

I think a donkey napping is about the cutest thing I've ever seen.
And a bit comical looking!