Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cool Breezes on a Sunday at the Ranch

What a relief to have a refreshing day after so many hot ones! While at a boring open house today, I started to work on the new ranch "logo" and have a few sketches started. Every ranch needs a logo. I realized while drawing that donkeys are actually hard to draw, so don't expect the logo very soon. And then I realized that every ranch needs a "motto", and I considered having a contest for that- and then reconsidered. One contest for the nickname was enough. Some of these photos are from yesterday at the Lazy Vegan...working on the new and improved corral- and Randy spent hours this morning perfecting the swoop of the fencing in the enlarged pasture. We figure the donkeys have about one and a half acres fenced all to themselves now!
Mower man cleans up the new corral.
Ladder man freaks me out when he does this.
Sometimes the mower looks ridiculously small.
The boys investigate the newly pruned trees!
Luigi approves from the barn.
Lots more space to hang out in at bedtime!
Nothing's too good for our donkeys.
Three rabbits by the "communal" water bucket that I put out.

Heading to the even larger pasture.
Solo scampers down from the house.
Pup play time.
Randy insisted on taking this photo of me with my Mother's day mug- I love it!

Everyone should have a Boulder!
Birdie waits for me to leave so he can find some feed at the chicken coop.
Hanging with Luigi after dinner.

Checking out more garden plants.

Solo likes the lettuce!
A turkey quickly leaves the coop while Bella heads in!
Bella still has a number on her leg from last year's fair, where she was a "show hen". It is number 65. The year I was born...
Sleeping while on patrol!