Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cutting Down Trees & Expanding the Donkey Corral on a Saturday

BUSY day at the Lazy Vegan today...Randy took down a bunch of limbs on two trees in the donkey corral by the barn and then enlarged their corral...it looks great and the donkeys are thrilled- we also made the "west" pasture even bigger- photos coming on tomorrow's blog, because we were out in the dark finishing up! We were both exposed to tons of poison oak and scrubbed ourselves with that great Technu stuff and Burt's Bee's poison oak soap...so hopefully we'll be o.k. Just another great day at the ranch!
Randy takes a well-deserved popsicle break!
Deer by parking area.
"Hey! Aren't you the lady who puts out buckets of water for us?"

Paco above, Weegie below...

The feline relaxes.
My J.C. parking pass came in the mail today...really exciting!
A crow watches over the ranch.

Bella celebrates her first full week here!

Sophia still misses Isabella, but she's happy to have Bella.
Boulder likes any hen, I think.

The boys lounge.

Hank, the lone turkey,watches the donkeys.

One of the many ladders I'll NEVER go up!
Solo makes his way down the path.
Boulder and the girls.

Toby on the terrace.