Friday, May 23, 2008

Feeling Fine on a Friday at the Lazy Vegan

Paco loves to show off his pearly whites.

A nice start to the holiday weekend, even if the weather suddenly turned rather cool. Our plans are to hang out at the Lazy Vegan this weekend and avoid the traffic. Randy managed to talk his way OUT of getting a speeding ticket today, even though he was pulled over and the cop seemed intent on giving him one. Having just driven the BMW yesterday I know how easy it is to drive it too fast- it pretty much automatically drives too fast! Anyway, he had to listen to a lecture and got a warning and that was it. He really wasn't even driving much over the speed limit. In other news, (I'm sure Randy will be thrilled we're off the ticket topic on the world wide web) I fell this morning on my run for no apparent reason- just seemed to trip on air and went knees and hands first onto the pavement- naturally right when a neighbor drove by. He hopped out of his truck to my aid. I just have a skinned knee and two hurt hands but am fine- it was a dweebish start to the day!
The original pair of terriers.
The girls out ranging.
Boulder's natural scratching post.
Poor Toby has never felt that comfortable around the donkeys since being nipped!

Resting time by the poplar tree.
The girls wait for lunch.
And so does Boulder, world's most finicky eater!
Solo was born to garden.

The girls tucked in their coop for the night.
The boys greet Papa in the morning.

Poor Toby!