Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fine Weathered Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

No complaints at The Lazy Vegan today...except that I am mad at myself for ruining a few bales of hay by storing them on the ground instead of up on pallets...which made much of the hay mold (and I certainly can't feed my boys moldy hay!). All part of my learning process in this first year of living with the longears! On June 8th we'll have had the boys one whole year...we should have an anniversary party or something. Just another 30 or so years to go! Boulder had a good time today hanging out with the girls- Bella is comfortable around him now and doesn't do her alarming clucking noise like she did the first few weeks she was here. It really is a pretty funny sight to see a cat lounging around two hens! Randy multi-tasks... watches tennis while eating dinner and hanging out with Boulder.

Hank heads off by himself. Always by himself. I put out a bucket of water for him.
Sesame-tofu, rice and asparagus for dinner!
The girls snuggled in their coop for the night. They definitely have their spots- Sophia is always perched on the end of the box and Bella is always on the far right. After I shut their ramp door and main door, I hear them cooing to one another.
Solo is very happy to dig!

The Boulder & hen show!

Sometimes he'll even be purring when he's around them...

I should have trained Toby to be a show dog!

More of the girls and Boulder.

Here come the peaches!

Paco had some attitude today.
Trudging to the hay feeder. My poor donkeys. They work so hard.
My pups work hard, too.