Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Snap's Birthday and Welcome Bella...at the Ranch

What a great Mother's Day weekend...despite still feeling sad about the loss of Isabella! Patty came down and we went out to dinner & the movies to celebrate the weekend and Snap's birthday...and had breakfast the next morning...so I've been well-fed to last a while! Snap is heading off to an admirable fasting/detox event next week where she'll spend several days NOT eating while engaging in other activities, such as hiking (which I still keep finding hilarious...a bunch of fasting people hiking!). So her vegan b-day cake and the meals out were the "last hurrah" before she starts her pre-fast diet plan. Sounds like a lot of fun! I'm thinking I should go with her to document the event! In other news, we have new member of the family at the ranch...a new hen we've named "Bella" in honor of Isabella. So far things are going o.k.-- she is slowly getting used to the routine here at the ranch. Poor Randy spent hours last night trying to get both hens "secured" for the night- they kept flying out. So we''ll see how this goes. I don't want to lose any more chickens!!

Karina came by and played guitar!
Diana and Paco.
Randy & Diana.

Playing for Paco!

Paco loves it!

Walking down to the movies.
Getting FREE lotion samples in Whole Foods.

Presenting the birthday cake...from behind!
Pat and Snap.
The Birthday Girl!

Diana and Snap.
Walking down to breakfast!

Funny card.

Boulder wakes up.
Sophia & Bella!
Bella, the new hen!
The girls get used to each other.

Snap's cake!
Pretty Poppy.
Bella's first day.
Sophia still mourns the loss of Isabella.

Bella learns how to go into the coop.