Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Just a Terrific Tuesday at the Ranch (I'm running out of title ideas, obviously)...

The highlight of the day today was not getting the washing machine repaired ...although that was pretty darn exciting- I've never been so enthused about doing laundry before! No, the highlight of the day was when I was home waiting for the washing machine repair guy to show up and was working on the animal campaign and discovered my dad's name on the celebrity endorsement list! Very, very cool. And he's with good company that will keep growing as the campaign continues...check out the list at the bottom of the blog!!
"Gee, I always knew that my Grandpa Tom was famous!"
Bravo and Toby hang out upstairs.

Toby is only thinking of one thing. As usual.
Little Solo makes his way down the path.
Early evening donkeys.
Goats I saw in Santa Rosa today...was tempted to take one home!

The girls take dust baths. I video taped it, but that annoyed them and they walked off!
Sometimes being the only feline is just a bit boring.
Please play with me...please play with me...please play with me...

From the website for Californians for Humane Farms: www.humanecalifornia.com
Part of the endorsement list!!!

CELEBRITIES Tom Hennessy, Columnist Julia Butterfly Hill, Author & Activist Wolfgang Puck, Celebrity Chef Christine Chavez Julie Chavez Rodriguez Dr. Jane Goodall Kevin Danaher, Global Exchange Co-Founder Rory Freedman & Kim Barnouin, Authors Frances Moore Lappe, Author Anna Lappe, Author Bill McKibben, Author, Educator & Environmentalist China Galland, Author Drew Dellinger, Poet, Teacher & Activist Eric Schlosser, Author of Fast Food Nation Tamar Geller Matthew Scully, former speechwriter to President George W. Bush Daryl Hannah, Actor Alicia Silverstone, Actor Jorja Fox, Actor Daniela Sea, Actor Bruce Greenwood, Actor Hayden Panettiere, Actor Jansen Panettiere, Actor Rosanna Arquette, Actor Wendie Malick, Actor Emily Deschanel, Actor Carol Leifer, Actor, Comedian Charlotte Ross, Actor Joy Lauren, Actor Persia White, Actor Constance Marie, Actor Sara Rue, Actor Constance Zimmer, Actor Lake Bell, Actor Casper Van Dien, Actor Catherine Oxenberg, Actor Doreen Virtue, Author/ Radio Talk Show Host Dominic Scott Kay, actor Lisa Edelstein, actor