Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mellow Day after a Mellow Holiday at The Lazy Vegan

Luigi snacks on what is left of the bay tree!

Another mellow day at The Lazy Vegan today...the animals all lounged around. Weegie did a good job eating a bay tree. Boulder took naps in the sun. Paco chased the hens out of the pasture, and the dogs barked at every airplane and fly that went by. I went once again to Cost Plus to buy another bookshelf and then returned it after we decided we didn't like it and bought a different one- the truck is very handy for this type of shopping! And that's about it for the day at The Lazy Vegan.

Weegie has been working on this tree for some time.

The girls head bravely down to the pasture.

All too soon, Paco spots them.

A very puffy cloud.

Bella has overcome her initial shyness!

Boulder in one of his brief awake moments.
Boulder's yoga pose.
The boys run out of the corral to play.
The lettuce is getting bigger!

Grazing in the west pasture.

Paco hears a sound.
The view from the driveway.
Lazy lizard at The Lazy Vegan.
Toby with his beloved.