Monday, May 12, 2008

More Coyote Sightings Too Close for Comfort at the Ranch

Today we had two more coyote sightings...Randy saw one in the morning on Ellen Lane and I saw one in the late afternoon while walking the dogs on our property...I heard a rustle on the hillside next to us and looked up to see a coyote running off! This is WAY too close for comfort so I'm taking action!! I did some research and found out that mothballs can help keep them away...so tomorrow I'm buying a bunch and will tack them up on the fence that borders our property. I also need to not leave Boulder's cat food out and need to feed the hens in the coop only...so I really hope with these changes the coyotes will move on...I don't want to lose another hen or worse! I still really miss Isabella- I was more attached to her than I realized. She was much more vocal than Sophia and kind of "talked" when I fed her- would also come running up to me. I hope she's having a great time in hen heaven!!!!!!
Paco comes in to say hi.
Sophia is a bit bossy around Bella, but otherwise they're getting along!

Bravo is concerned about the coyotes!
The dogs do their thing while Boulder lounges.

Boulder walks the terrace.

Bella's egg!

Sophia in black and white.
Bravo keeps an eye out for coyotes.
Boulder watches from the terrace.

And Sophia keeps an eye out, too!