Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oprah Goes Vegan for 21 Days and Other News at the Lazy Vegan

Tonight I discovered that the hens love plain cooked pasta- they ate it so fast I couldn't even get a photo of it! They really love just about any food beside the chicken feed. Sophia and Bella will fight over their food, something that I never saw Sophia & Isabella do. They both have also abandoned the nesting box and are laying their eggs in a new nest they made out of hay in the coop- Bella made it the second day she was here. No photos that need a viewer discretion advisory today- Bravo is totally better! I'm trying out a new color for the blog- I've had this blog for about seven months now and just today realized I could change the blog background color! A techie I am NOT! Check out the excerpt from Oprah Winfrey's blog at the bottom- she's going vegan for 21 days!
Toby does his stunts indoors.
Paco watches me put batteries in my camera.
The Coast Guard flies by.
Solo & Toby try out the couch in a new arrangement.
Weegie by the cypress tree and heading down for dinner!
Waiting for only one thing...
Boulder up to no good in the tall grasses (hunting).

"Hey, Sophia- let's dine out tonight!"

I love to sit by the boys while they graze. It is a great sound.
Paco watches some neighbors walk by.

Oprah's Blog Excerpt:

From Oprah Winfrey's Blog: 21 Day Cleanse

Week One: Sunday
There was a passage in Kathy Freston's book that so related to me, I thought for a moment she was talking about me.In the passage, Kathy talks about an overweight friend who would gain and lose. She didn't conquer the weight issue until she became a "conscious" eater. Conscious eater. That struck a nerve. I had recently come to the conclusion that after spending weeks reading and rereading A New Earth and being on line with Eckhart Tolle that bringing a higher level of awareness to my eating was the solution I'd been avoiding. My idea of a conscious eater, however, was not quite the same as Kathy's.I thought it meant not allowing yourself to eat emotionally and filling the void of anxiety with food, as I've struggled with for years. I thought it meant taking your time, making healthy choices and chewing slowly—being conscious of every bite and not scarfing down a meal and then thinking about the next one. That is one level of consciousness. But what she talks about in her book is a higher level. She speaks of "spiritual integrity." How can you say you're trying to spiritually evolve, without even a thought about what happens to the animals whose lives are sacrificed in the name of gluttony? So this 21-day cleanse gives me a chance to think about it differently and see what my attachments are to certain kinds of foods—and what I'm willing to do to change. Don't know if I'm going to feel better or worse, but I'm willing to try to see if my body at least feels differently.So this first day wasn't hard at all. For breakfast, I had steel-cut oatmeal with fresh blueberries, strawberries, chopped walnuts and a splash of soy milk and some agave nectar. For lunch, chunky mushroom soup with wild rice and pecans. As a snack, a handful of roasted almonds. And for dinner, a baked potato drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper with a salad of shredded lettuce, cranberries, pine nuts and tiny orange slices with a vinegar and oil dressing.Very satisfying. Day 1 also started with the meditation mantra that Kathy suggests in her book. I'm ready!— Oprah