Friday, May 2, 2008

Solo Recovers, How Martha Stewart Bathes her Miniature Donkeys & More

Poor little Solo! Solo did pretty good today the day after his major teeth surgery...I had to hand feed him breakfast, but he ate a bit at lunch and dinner all by himself. He went for a little walk, too. I'm hoping that he'll feel even better tomorrow. I can't imagine what it must feel like to have that many teeth pulled at once- he was still pretty swollen this morning!

Little Solo manages to take a walk.
Diana and Sophia!
I wish she had put her head up and had smiled!
Isabella lays an egg.

Karina stopped by to see Solo!

Randy bought this beautiful new plant today- Passionflower.
Toby with the laundry in the background!
Randy also got this rose bush.

Boulder surveys the ranchette. And below, Martha Stewart bathes her donkeys!!! Now, if I had a set-up like that, I'd bathe Paco and Luigi, too- heck, I might even shower in there!!!

Martha Stewart in her Fancy Barn with her donkeys & horses!

Shower with HEATED water for the donkeys!
The dryer to dry the donkeys off!

From Martha Stewart's Blog:

Bath Time For Donkeys!
Yesterday happened to be donkey-washing day at the farm. Betsy likes to give the three donkeys their showers every month during the cold season. When it turns warm and the ground thaws, she increases that to once a week, as the playful trio finds great pleasure in rolling on the ground, getting themselves quite dusty and muddy.
Here is 2-year-old Clive getting hosed down with warm water. The shower stall has heaters suspended from the ceiling. The hanging boom sprayer swivels around for ease of use. The faucets are recessed behind the white door for safety purposes and the lower walls are padded to protect the equines and also the shower tiles.