Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunny Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder knows he's pretty darn cute.

A gray morning turned into a beautiful sunny day at The Lazy Vegan! We did some chores around the house and then went to a housewarming party later in the day...then rushed home to be with our crew for the evening (and to make sure we made it home to get the hens safely in their coop!). Paco helped me clean out the barn (Luigi wisely decided this was not that fun of an event long ago, and he wandered off) and tomorrow I'll do the big pasture clean up. The amount of manure from two donkeys is staggering...what goes in definitely DOES come out!! I need to put up a Free Manure sign at the bottom of our driveway (somehow I doubt that idea will pass The Lazy Vegan Design Committee --a.k.a. Randy!). In other news, a mole has dug his or her way into the veggie garden and took off with part of a tomato plant! But all in all we've had pretty good luck so far with the garden.
Sophia rests under the oak tree.
Bella looks out from the terrace.
Once again, Boulder supervises the dinner hour.
Bella steps in the food!!

Catching Paco for a photo opportunity!

Paco helps clean out the barn.
Biting each other is all part of playing.

Hens in Graton from my walk with Snap in the morning.

Lazy donkeys at The Lazy Vegan.
Lazy Randy at The Lazy Vegan.
A skink! Beautiful blue tail, but a bit too snake-like for me.
Boulder supervises breakfast!