Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank Dog it's Friday at The Lazy Vegan

Bedtime Sweet Grain Snack!

The animals don't really care what day of the week it is as long as their meals and treats aren't forgotten! And especially the bedtime snack...Paco and Luigi still come rushing into the corral when it is sweet grain time and they both make a funny little squeaky noise when they hear me rattle the pan. We still put them in the corral area at night, even though they're old enough to let wander around the pasture after dark (this does sound a bit ridiculous)-- I feel safer having them in the area closest to their barn and our house, and they seem to like it, too. Sometimes I peek in on them from the balcony and watch their bedtime routine- after scarfing down the sweet grain they usually play for a while and then have what I call quality scratching time- scratching their various itches on the barn door and the bench- and then one of them will wander into the barn and lay down for the night with the other not far behind. Tomorrow I have to go buy more of their special pine shavings bedding, and I'm going to look into a discount place that Randy saw advertised. So much for the excitement at The Lazy Vegan!
Heading in for sweet grain- Luigi makes it first!

One happy Blue Jay gets some chicken food.

The girls wait patiently for dinner.

Boulder swatted Toby once when he walked by (too bad I didn't get a photo of that!), so Toby very carefully walked around him.

Look who has the toy! Even with half his teeth, Solo can still manage to hold toys!

Boulder prowls around.
Funny little lizard "hand".

Randy can't resist stopping the car on his way up the drive.

Beautiful blue skies today.
The girls hang out after lunch.
View of the donkeys from the garden.
Solo feels great these days!