Friday, May 9, 2008

Trying to Help with a Donkey Rescue, Baking a Vegan Birthday Cake and Other Stuff at the Ranch on a Saturday

As some of you blog readers may already know, yesterday there was the possibility floating around...the mere idea...of the Rousseau Ranch acquiring a giant rescue donkey. Alas, after much consideration, the ranch committee (of two) decided that we're not quite ready to take on a full size rescue donkey named Phoenix who has some medical issues and a past of terrible abuse. But after several emails back and forth with the rescue foster mama of Phoenix, she picked up the phone and called me (I'd given my contact info just in case she never, ever found a new home for Phoenix) to thank me for my interest and she told me the "whole Phoenix story". She had found him advertised on Craig's List for an undisclosed amount that was too low. She told me that if you sell a horse/donkey for under $500, it will most likely be purchased by a person who will send it to slaughter. She told me she used to be so naive about that but that it happens all the time...a man or couple will even pretend to be buying the horse for their ranch (pretend ranch) and later the horse will be recognized by someone at a slaughter auction. Pretty horrific stuff. At any rate. she didn't want Phoenix to end up in dog food (her words), so she went to buy him...only to discover that he'd been living a life of abuse...his former owner whipped him right in front of her, and that's when she decided then and there to buy him. After spending lots of money on vet care, she put Phoenix up for a rescue adoption- but she said she is going to wait until he "finds his people" and the absolutely right home. I love this woman! I told her I'd help spread the word about Phoenix and made some phone calls today to do so. In other news, I baked a vegan b-day cake for Snap's b-day...photos to follow tomorrow!

Solo loves his new toy. Toby steals it sometimes and it ends up outdoors.
Pups on the gravel.
Sophia pecks at something.
My happy pup!

Everyone likes to be around Solo now that his breath smells so good!
The boys love the Poplar tree.
Boulder at dusk.

A fawn above caught near the garden...the donkeys being silly!

The boys watch their papa work on the fence.
No lack of donkey manure for the garden!!!!!!!

Roughing it.

Playing in the early morning.