Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baby House Finch Birds at The Lazy Vegan!

Baby House Finches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Remember the photo of the blue eggs a week or so ago on this blog? Well, they are now baby birds! Baby House Finches. I carefully stood on a chair to peek in the nest and saw some fuzzy little creatures (the mom flew off). I only took two photos because I didn't want to disturb the area and risk the mom not coming back. I read that baby house finches stay in the nest 11-19 days before flying off...so I'll have to disguise myself as a bird and hang out to maybe see the first flights! I wish I could see their beaks in this photo...but I really didn't want to keep snapping away. Mama Bird was busy squawking from the next tree over!

The yucca that the nest is in, right off our deck.

Toby was interested in the nest, too.
Solo was too busy with his purple dogs.
Just the usual crazy crew.

I KNOW Boulder still misses the hens...he hangs out in the places that they used to!

Paco finds Toby's ball!
Grazing is getting harder and harder to do in a picked-over pasture.
This snout of Paco's gets kissed dozens of times a day. SERIOUSLY!
Toby's great balancing act.

UGH- the continued awful haze from all the terrible fires!

Crazy Dogs Indoors Video!