Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Despite a Dead Rabbit and Dead Butterfly, All is Well on a Tuesday

I came home today to find a beautiful but dead butterfly at the door, and then later a poor little rabbit, also dead, by the terrace--no signs of foul play. I spared the blog reader a photo of the dead rabbit but the butterfly was too pretty to resist! Nothing new at The "Lazy V" today...the hens are getting pretty brazen with their wanderings which makes me nervous...but I'm happy that they're happy running around!

The girls way down by the mower.
Holding the stupid dog toy.
Quality time with Bravo in the garden.
Blue jay waits by the chicken coop.
When a plane flies by, I feel compelled to take a photo of it.
Lazin' around at The Lazy Vegan!
Paco hears a sound.

The boys plan their next move.
Little deer wondering if there are snacks about...when I went to feed the donkeys tonight, I found a deer munching on the hay!
Sophia was a bit disturbed today when she was separated from Bella.
Pretty yellow something-or-other birdie.
Sophia looks for Bella.

The jays are pretty patient around here.