Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Election Day at The Lazy Vegan

The donkeys are pretty proud to represent the Democratic Party, and they really wish they could have joined me at the polls today (it would have been hilarious to walk down with them into the voting place in Forestville!! Maybe in November, when I'll be casting my YES vote on the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act!). They celebrated election day in their own style by goofing off in the barn, including peeing on FRESH pine shavings I'd just put in there (one of their all-time favorite things to do!).

Hanging out in the barn...

"Hey, Weegie! I think I'll go pee on those FRESH pine shavings Mama just put in here!

Cute little birds hanging out on the chimney. I think there may be a nest up there.

The girls taking dust baths.
Handsome Luigi.
Solo got a new purple dog to replace the beige one that Toby has almost destroyed.

"So, Sophia...WHERE should we dine tonight? How about the Coop Cafe?"

Boulder seemed content today.
Playing harmonica for the boys at bedtime.
Toby and Solo's old toy.