Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fixing a Leaking Automatic Waterer is About the Highlight of the Day at The Lazy Vegan

Handy Randy, foreman of The Lazy Vegan, is pretty darn handy to have around when things like the automatic waterer for the donkeys isn't working right. It was tilting so that the water was constantly pouring out...and I've already done my share of eroding the hillside by emptying the water when it is dirty. The whole crew was out this evening to watch Randy fix the waterer. Hard to imagine more excitement...aside from the fact that I've noticed the donkeys are definitely shedding their winter coat...they have little bald areas and some very sleek areas on their coats now. I need to give them a good brush down...Paco LOVES to be brushed but Luigi isn't thrilled about it. So there you are for the Wednesday news!
The dogs wonder what is going on.
Paco's right there to check things out.
I think Randy expects Paco to hand him a piece of wood.
Paco tries to tell me that he can't do it.

The girls arrive home via the wood pile.
It is hard to tell in this photo, but Paco is looking nice and sleek!
"Um, Weegie...do we like this brand of pine shavings?? Is it soft enough? I don't know..."
Coming up to say hello to Papa.
For some reason, Boulder prefers to drink water out of the dog water bowl.

It is rough being a terrier at The Lazy Vegan. Very tiring.

Boulder parked by the truck.

I think this is a Rufus Sided Towhee or something like that. I got to learn my birds! Why can't they just be called Harry or Jane???