Friday, June 6, 2008

A Fox Comes Brazenly onto The Lazy Vegan Turf, Bravo Eats Half a Loaf of Bread, Boulder Hunts a Mole, The Geek Squad Pays a Visit and More on a Friday

Luigi gets up from a dust bath- an awkward thing to do!

Quite the day at "The Lazy V" today! I spotted a fox this morning about twenty feet away from the hens- I could not believe it. I was so glad I was home to hear the hens squawking (Sophia was really loud)- I ran out, saw the fox and he or she turned and hauled out of there. I'm quite certain that had I not been there, one or both of the girls would be history by now. I put some ammonia soaked rags out around where the fox ran off. It is great for the girls to free range- such a higher quality of life than living in a coop- but this is the risk involved, obviously. My hope is that the fox and coyote sightings will diminish once their young have gotten bigger and they've moved on. If something happens to Bella and Sophia, my hen-raising days are over. It is too heartbreaking!
Speaking of heartbreaking, Boulder proudly delivered a mole to me today...he is so proud of his hunting ability and does this weird low meow whenever he gets something. Two days ago he left a bird on the terrace. Luckily, unlike some cats, he doesn't really play with his kill- he quickly kills it and then eats a bit and leaves the rest for me, the VEGAN, to dispose of!
And our charming Bravo ate almost half a loaf of bread today. I'd gone to Costco for supplies (Costco has a lot of vegan-friendly items these days- surprisingly- they have great soymilk, Odwalla juices and organic bread!) and left two loafs of bread that were double bagged on the kitchen table. I ran outside to make sure my girls were still alive and checked the donkeys' water bucket- so I wasn't gone that long- but long enough that when I returned, he was on the kitchen table chomping away! He even ate some of the plastic bag. He seemed to not feel very well later in the day.
The day ended with a visit from The Geek Squad- I love the Geek Squad- the car and "agent" uniform are hilarious! The guy fixed my computer problems easily and drove off with Bella & Sophia on the edge of the driveway (it would have been classic if The Geek Squad had run over them after all this fox & coyote worrying!). And that's that for the day at The Lazy Vegan!

More dust baths. I should videtape it so blog readers can hear them snorting.
Paco decided to lay down right on the path today.
Then he saw Luigi down in the dust bath zone, and charged down to meet him!

They really are a ridiculous pair.

The Geek Squad!

The poor little cute dead mole.
Boulder does the weird low meow thing and then when he sees me, he purrs. I know he thinks he's doing the right thing. UGH!

Boulder rolls around before the hunt.

The bread that Bravo attacked.
The girls were tentative today after the fox event.
The view!
Cute bird- don't know what it is- gotta look it up.

Boulder and Solo.

Sophia and the rooster.
The girls come looking for a snack.
Paco helps me clean, while Weegie grazes!
The face of a hunter.