Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Great Day for Dust Baths at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder is very pleased with himself these days. He has mastered the art of cat communication - or, how to talk to a human. Basically he'll just scratch at a door to be let in or let out OR to be fed- it is his universal code for about all his needs. And not just any door- he'll pick the one closest to me- in our bedroom, it will be the door by the side of my bed!! Sometimes I incorporate the sound into a dream, but usually I wake up instantly and hop up to assist him. It is a good thing he's so cute. Actually, that could be said of ALL the animals here at The Lazy Vegan! Today was a great day for dust baths- the donkeys indulged several times. I've been thinking lately about giving them a REAL bath (ever since seeing the donkeys on Martha Stewart's blog, I've felt a bit weird about the fact that my donkeys have NEVER been bathed...) but need to refer to the Miniature Donkey Handbook to see if it is really necessary. I know that rolling around in the dirt helps to insulate them from both the heat and the cold, and we don't have hot water hooked up to our hoses like Martha Stewart- so I can just see soaping up a donkey and then having them freak out about the cold water! Stay tuned for future bathing possibilities!

Dust bathing!
Weegie really gets into it.

Luigi sees Papa come into the pasture.
The boys help Randy figure out the fencing. We're going to rearrange it a bit again.
Solo is spotted!
Paco offers his opinion about the fence.
Solo slides under the fence. All the dogs have become quite good at this!

Toby waits and waits.
Toby is spotted!! He is still so wary around the donkeys, and Paco seems to be more assertive than he ever used to be- I wish they'd relax and become friends again. I can SENSE that they both want to.
Toby always freezes and gives a low growl.

Bella, twice.

Posing for the photographer.

The lone turkey, Hank, heads up to the water bucket. I know I've mentioned this before, but he is ALWAYS alone- never with the group of turkeys- always on a completely different part of the property. Don't know what's up with that.
Bravo checks out the lettuce.
A flying object I can identify! The Reach Rescue helicopter flies by.
Bravo gets a refreshing drink.