Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day at The Lazy Vegan!

Happy Father's Day at The Lazy Vegan!!!

It was a beautiful day for Father's Day today! Randy showed some property and did an open house but then came home to dinner with Claire, Karina, Paul & Lindsay and Snap (and all the animals, of course...and I was there!). I made vegan sushi and Karina came early to help and also made a great miso soup. One of the Father's Day gifts was an awesome horse shoe set that Snap gave...personalized! So there was fun attempting to play the game...I already know I'll have no talent at it. Another great highlight of the day is that Dad's column about Farm Sanctuary came out- check out the link toward the bottom of the blog! Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

Trying out the horseshoe game.
Daughter and Mother in wild aprons with sushi!

Paul shows off his form and checks in with Bravo.

I get a horseshoe tip from Paul.
Paul and Lindsay and Luigi.
Paul and Karina, and Snap checks out the directions.

Figuring out the horseshoe moves.

Lindsay looks like a pro.

Hanging out on the terrace.

The horseshoe set!
Karina's new baby.

Visiting the donkeys.

Claire in the barn and with Solo.

Vegan sushi, cucumber & melon & raspberry salad, miso soup and rice!

Bravo runs to safety.
Saying hi to Paco. After the visit with the donkeys, somebody left a gate open (OOPS!!!) and Snap happened to look out the kitchen window and saw Paco OUT of the pasture!!! Good timing on her part...he hadn't gotten that far and Randy managed to get him back in without putting on the halter, etc. It could have been quite the scene and is also a wake-up call about being too casual with the gates when we have company!

Randy's Father's Day potatoes and smoothie for breakfast.

Lounging in the morning.

Checking out the sushi.