Monday, June 9, 2008

HOT Monday at The Lazy Vegan

It was a very hot day today at The Lazy Vegan. I put out a bunch of buckets of water for the outdoor crew and extra water bowls inside for the indoor crew. In the evening a nice breeze comes up.
It looks like we're not the only one with fox concerns with our chickens...Tim and Camille discovered that they have an entire DEN living in the woodpile right across from their chicken coop!!!! Tim got these amazing two fox photos. Needless to say, their hens won't be free-ranging any more! Be sure to look for all FOUR foxes below- so cute!

My Paco comes to see me.

Paco stands at attention.
Randy and Bravo test out the new bench in the veggie garden.

I put the gate up so we can get the cool breeze coming in. Boulder loves to hang on the terrace steps.

The trio of terriers and their shadows follow Papa.

Getting a daily ear rub.

Boulder sleeps in.
Paco thinks about what to do on a hot day.
Weegie loves the benches to scratch on!
The girls search for food.

Boulder looks for the hens.