Thursday, June 19, 2008

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow-- Farewell to Sophia & Bella at The Lazy Vegan

Goodbye, Sophia & Bella! We will miss you!!

Today was a bittersweet day at The Lazy Vegan. It was a very hard decision to make, deciding to take Sophia & Bella back to where we bought them- but I believe it was the right decision, and I felt even better about it when I saw how easily they reacquainted themselves with their former chicken group. Still, I AM sad! For the past almost year I've had Sophia (Bella for just over a month)...I've had "chicken chores" daily and I will actually miss the routine. But most of all I will miss going outside to see "my girls". I loved going out calling "Cluck, clucks" and then watching them both come running (if you have never seen a chicken running, it is a very endearing and comical sight). I've discovered that hens are quite complex creatures- they have an amazing range of vocals- from the alarmed squawking to the noise they make while laying an egg to the little cooing sounds when they're safely in the coop at night. I'm really happy I had the opportunity to share my life with two hens- at least for a while- but I'm also very relieved to not have to worry and wonder when (no longer an "if") a predator will come to take them! Farewell, sweet Sophia and Bella...may you live out the rest of your lives safely and happily!

On the way back to their original home. I got them both pretty easily out of the coop this morning. I talked to them the whole way in the car, telling them what was going on and how much I had appreciated being with them! I even sang to them.
Sophia is let out first.
And then Bella.

They wasted no time hopping into the bushes with a rooster!

This sight made me happy- back with friends!

Duane, the owner of this nice flock, showed me his new babies. I like him- he is very into his chickens- shows some at the county fair and feeds them only organic chicken scratch and "treats" from his compost. He has a semi-free-range situation set up in his back yard and said he puts them in the coop at night and makes sure "they're all snug in their beds"! So I couldn't really ask for a better situation for my girls.
A six week old chicken and her mama.

A few photos of Bella & Sophia from the past month...

Boulder will really miss them. I thought that HE was missing today for over an hour and it completely freaked me out! I found him underneath the cabin deck, napping.
Sophia really is a beautiful hen. And she is a survivor! She's had quite an adventure for almost a year to tell her cousins about.

A little playful interaction between Bravo and Boulder!

The donkeys when I pull up the driveway.

I explained to the donkeys that the hens would be leaving.

They seemed to take the news fine.

Weegie will miss chasing them out of the pasture, though.

Poor Paco- he just tries to connect with Toby!

Now here is a bright spot in the day- this little frog has been hanging out by the automatic waterer in the donkey corral. He/she needs a name!
Playing with the pitchfork is so much fun.