Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Simple Saturday At the Lazy Vegan

Bravo watches the donkeys eat dinner.

No fox or other wildlife sightings today at The Lazy Vegan...the hens were safely free ranging about, the donkeys were pretty mellow (except that they got excited when they saw me move their hay to a new storage location- Paco went bezerk when I passed him along the fence with the wheelbarrow!) and the dogs definitely did their share of relaxing. Boulder, as far as I could tell, didn't kill anything today and I baked a chocolate vegan cake for tomorrow (the one year anniversary of the arrival of Paco and Luigi!!!!!!!!). It isn't as easy as it may look to relax.
Solo sure loves his purple dog toy.
Ah, such excitement- the water runs down into the pasture!
My old little black and white dog.
The donkeys had fun turning over a bench.

Bravo and Boulder.
Look closely at how the donkeys check in with one another- so cute!

Randy plays harmonica while Bravo watches the donkeys eat...in sepia!
All play and no work. Check out Paco's cool shadow.
Boulder relaxes on a rock.
The hens fight over some seafood catfood- I give it to them for a treat once in a while.

Randy fixes the drip irrigation system.

Solo is allowed to wander off by himself. He's really good about coming back and gives a little bark when he's at the front door.
Bella seeks the shelter of a tree.
My happy Paco!
A tiny bird by a bigger bird. And that's all I know.