Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wildfires Take Away Blue Skies on a Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan

We still have a thick cover of haze blocking the sun and blue sky here at The Lazy Vegan due to all the fires burning in Northern California. The donkeys don't seem to be affected- I saw them still running around at full speed in the afternoon - but I took the poor air quality as an opportunity to skip my morning walk/run! The sky was so dense that I heard but couldn't see the firefighting airplanes as they flew overhead. Hopefully we'll soon have our blue sky back!
After a long twenty mile ride herding the cattle, Randy heads back on his faithful horse...er...donkey!

Paco gives a little buck.

Here come the boys- many, many hot sweltering hours spent laboring in the sun eating oak leaves and pine trees...now they trudge to the hay feeder for dinner!

Toby might need some chiropractic work after some of his moves.
Leash-free Bravo!!

Very exhausted donkeys pause at the watering hole before resuming their duties for the day.

Bravo must have been Russian in a former life.
Playing donkey-style actually is a lot of work!

I need to video tape the boys and set it to music some day. It really is like a form of ballet.