Friday, June 27, 2008

Working on a Logo for The Lazy Vegan

The blog reader may notice the new motto for The Lazy Vegan at the top of the blog...("Where animals are served first...but aren't on the menu!") and the official Lazy Vegan logo will soon follow...I have several layouts that I'm working on right now! It will be cool to have an official logo for The Lazy Vegan. Today the air quality was still pretty bad due to the fires. It feels like we are in a sci-fi movie- the sun is still a strange orange-red. I went to the library and one of the books I picked out is called Wildfire...essays about real wildfires. Also got a mountain lion book out with some beautiful photos. They really are amazing animals, even if I don't want them around our property!
Paco and his Papa take a break.
Weegie the tree nibbler.
Discussing the day over a glass of wine.

Paco in an awkward pose and then in his mock-threatening pose!

Bravo seeks saftey near Randy...Toby gets a drink.

Purple dog was left outside!! Luckily I found him before he spent the night out there.
Toby and the usual and Solo is reunited with Purple Dog.

Boulder wakes from a very long nap.

Paco sings about how happy he is to be living at The Lazy Vegan.
Playful donkeys.

Suddenly spotting something of interest down on the road!

Very attentive donkeys!

Nobody can drive by without it being noticed by Paco & Luigi. They're like guard dogs!