Friday, June 13, 2008

Yet Another Wonderful Friday at The Lazy Vegan

New photo hooks in the barn...Paco as a baby, above...and Weegie as a baby, below!

Early this evening I completely cleaned out the barn...this time I even organized the donkey brushes and halters and leads, etc...like a dweeb, I used nails that were too long and later on noticed that the nails had gone all the way through the barn- not an attractive look on the other side!! Luckily I live with Handy Randy, Foreman of The Lazy Vegan (who thought that I should have photos of the nails sticking out on the other side of the barn...and I told him he could get his own blog and post them) who will put it all right again. Anyhow, I put up the baby photos of Paco and Luigi on hooks for their halters to go on...not only is this very cute, but it is convenient...the halters are adjusted for each donkey and it is helpful to have them on their own hook. None of this is probably very exciting for the blog reader, but it was to me...and I guess that about sums up the day!
Paco under the new hooks.
"Gee whiz, Paco...do you have to pee in the barn right after Mama cleans it??"

Paco grabbed onto Papa's coat zipper and would not let go!!

Heading off to the feeder.
Nice and organized.

The view from the ground.
Solo and Purple Dog.
Boulder parked outside a mouse hole.
Toby and Boulder.

Sophia lays an egg.
Bella always seems to have her mouth open.

Paco and Luigi just hanging out, working on their cuteness factor.