Monday, June 23, 2008

You've Heard of "Dancing with the Wolves"...How About "Running with the Donkeys!"

It is the latest game here at The Lazy Vegan...
Randy's been kicking up his heels with the boys lately in the evening...he'll run up to Paco & Luigi and kind-of chase them a bit. At first they were a bit confused by the behavior, but soon they picked up on the fact that it was a GAME (they really trust Randy!)...and soon enough they were snorting and running and bucking with Randy not far behind (as far as I could tell, Randy was not snorting). I took some videos but unfortuately none of them came out- but stay tuned for a "Running with the Donkeys" video sometime in the near blog future! In other excitement today, the boys spent a long time trying to get oak leaves off of the oak tree...they have pretty much taken the trees down to the bare bark where they can reach. No doubt if I were a donkey I'd be doing the same thing!
And the chase is ON!
Rounding the bend.
Luigi hides behind the tree.
Reassurance from their papa!
Fun & games.
Checking in with one another. They do this often during the day, and I always wonder what they're thinking!

Weegie nips Paco's back heel while walking to the "other" pasture.
It is great to have a donkey (two!) to lean on.

Going for the oak leaves...
Luigi stands by the redwood that he has eaten!
Paco succeeds in grabbing some leaves.

So much fun!

A neighbor drove by and smiled and waved during this...I'm sure they look ridiculous from the road. I probably look like a real dweeb with the camera...a real African Safari wanna-be photographer or something- in my own yard!

Beautiful Bravo and Beautiful Boulder.

Spry little Solo and Ball-Obsessed Toby.
Solo and his favorite toy...we call it "Purple Dog".