Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Claire Comes to Visit the Crew at The Lazy Vegan!

Everyone was excited to have a visit from Claire at The Lazy Vegan today! The pups tried to be on their best behavior, but in typical terrier fashion, they immediately failed...soon Bravo was racing around the pasture, eating donkey poop and other disgusting things, and Solo was yipping non-stop, and Toby was pestering Claire to throw his ball...all these things are their little ways of showing their love for her! Boulder was especially happy to get some undivided attention- and since Claire just got two little kittens at her mom's house, she is full of cat love right now- and Boulder picked up on it!
Racing with the donkeys at sunset!
The proud papa of the baby finches!! (photo courtesy of the foreman of The Lazy Vegan)
The foreman of The Lazy Vegan plays some tunes for the animals.
Claire gives old Solo a big hug!
Paco thinks he might be good at the guitar.
Getting the usual hug.

Luigi gets some affection from his "mama".
Boulder being babied.
Toby tells Claire how he feels about her!
Vegan chocolate cake to celebrate Claire's first finished year of college!

Solo looks good in Claire's hat.

Early in the morning, snuggling with the purple dogs.
Noon time attention from Randy.
Paco heads toward Toby.
Paco remembers the days when he and Toby would hang out!

Crazy terriers.