Friday, July 11, 2008

Fun Friday at The Lazy Vegan

Fun Friday at the Lazy Vegan! The day started off great when I got up early to Paco's hee-haw and then later sat down at the computer and discovered that my letter to the editor regarding Prop. 2 was published- every little bit helps to get the word out for people to vote YES! See letter, if you want, toward bottom of blog by Dad's columns. And then I finished my online homework, which included a fantastic interview with a writer- my dad! As the day went on, I met Snap (a.k.a. my mom!) for a spectacular shopping spree for her new & revised wardrobe! She got some great outfits- perhaps a fashion show is in the future and perhaps, just perhaps, some photos on the blog...but for now we'll keep it a private affair. I, of course, had to buy a little something- got a great skirt on sale! After shopping ALMOST until dropping, we stopped by for some refreshments at Claire's new place of employment- Guayaki Yerba Mate in Sebastopol! See the cute cafe at http://www.guayaki.com/

Luigi doing his impersonation of Toby.
Boulder, the wanna-be mountain lion practices his pounce.
This was pretty funny...Paco suddenly charged underneath Randy and gave him a little ride!
Having a little talk with Paco.

At the cute new cafe Claire works at- she served us some chai mate and a VEGAN cookie- YES, they have a TON of vegan cookies- you know now where to find me!

At the cafe entrance. Pretty mural.

Claire looked adorable- she IS adorable- behind the counter. There are bound to be people coming in just to see her- forget the yerba mate!
I was glad I had my camera. Hopefully I wasn't TOO obnoxious with it. I tried to be on good behavior. Claire's two friends- both named Katy- (one spelled different than the other, I think) were there!

Luigi tries to get the roses, and the boys plot their next move, below.

Note Luigi's start of a pretty good back kick!
The pasture is getting pretty barren.

It is just so great to be a donkey in the world. It appears to be great, anyhow. It sure is great to watch them, anyway!