Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hay! Or...Hey! Another Wednesday at The Lazy Vegan!

The boys on the hillside...life is GOOD at The Lazy Vegan!
SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - The daily blog will become a weekly blog (or maybe once or twice or three times a week) for the time being...too busy lately...so stay tuned!!! :)
A busy day today...the donkeys managed to find enough grass to graze on, or at least they didn't feel like hee-hawing for hay...or I wasn't home to hear it! I still love to bring them their flake of hay while saying "HEY! Here's your HAY!" I just get a big kick out of it (it is nice being easily amused). Toby found Randy's stash of fresh tennis balls in the cabin today and went crazy about it until I finally had to give him one. Bravo was in a pensive mood today...he kept looking over at the neighbor's house...I think he is finally realizing that his old pal Bruno is gone for good!
Toby discovers the tennis balls!

Sleepy Paco, and Silly Weegie.

With high hopes, heading to the hay feeder.
I like our shadows here.
WHAT?!!! The feeder is EMPTY!!!

A hawk flies over the ranch across the way.
Positioning for dust baths!

I could watch a sleepy donkey for hours and never get bored. But that's just me.