Monday, July 7, 2008

The Heat is Back on a Monday at The Lazy Vegan

A super hot day here at "The Lazy V". Thankfully, the cool breezes always come up in the evening...so we can go hang out and have some quality time with all the animals! I'm pathetically sore from doing my part moving the fencing yesterday- what a workout. The foreman of the Lazy Vegan seemed fine- he was busy unloading a truck load of bark while I sweltered inside and did my homework for my online class. And that's about it for the day! Catching the great evening breezes with the donkeys!

This is the dinnertime LOOK.
Toby shows off his tricks, and Luigi joins him!

Bravo kisses Randy.
Paco likes the straightened out fence.

Saying hi at lunch time.
Bravo is still a little nervous about going into the pasture!
The donkeys check out Toby's toy.

Grazing and playing on the steep hillside.
Just so happy to be alive and to be a donkey!!!!!

Smart Boulder stays in the shade.

Wild donkeys in Nevada!