Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kicking Back at The "Ole Lazy V" on a Sunday

I had never thought about naming a property until we got the donkeys and became a ranch of sorts...but when I had coffee with a friend the other day, she mentioned that she'd just come up with a name for her property- just about as good as "The Lazy Vegan" (hers is La Dolce Vita-- The Sweet Life). Anyway, life is great here at The Lazy Vegan...today I made vegan cupcakes/muffins...when I bought the muffin tin a few months ago, I asked the clerk what the difference was between cupcakes and muffins, and she said the amount of sugar (cupcakes have more). I'm not sure about that. At any rate, the ones I made came out o.k.- not as impressive as the vegan cakes, which I plan on continuing to bake!
The Lazy Vegan foreman enjoys his dinner in the garden after a long day of showing property.
Toby dancing in the corral!
Toby and Paco hang out, kind-of.
This is the sweet-grain stare down.
Chasing each other in the pasture.

Paco hears a sound- lately we've been hearing a very odd squawking bird noise at night- very unusual. Randy, who knows every type of bird call, cannot identify it.
Speaking of birds, this was an unusual sight- usually we see baby turkeys in March or April- and always in a group. Here is just the mom and baby!

Portraits of Boulder & Diana, taken by Randy.

Cute little bird!

Cute cat! Ridiculous donkey!

Finding some grass to graze on.