Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Lazy Vegan Awards Ceremony at The Beach House

Dad (a.k.a. Tom Hennessy) with one of his prizes...a pig!

The Lazy Vegan Awards Ceremony was a big hit- I'll remind the blog reader that several months ago, a contest was announced that the "Rousseau Ranch" was looking for a new name...something that suited our property and our animals and our lifestyle...and lo and behold, Patty Tomashefsky- a.k.a. my sister- was the grand prize winner, coming up with the now famous "The Lazy Vegan"!!! So she got the grand prize. Runner up was Dad, for using his power of the pen to help promote animal welfare. Everyone got a prize. Everyone was a winner!
None of these photos are in order. I have to figure out how to order them better when I post them.
Only in my family will you see stuffed animals and Obama & Harvard shirts in the same photo.
Scott looks great in a chicken hat!
My vegan cake! Lemon frosting. Blueberries in the middle. Yum.
Dad oversees the cake slices.

Dad receives his prizes.
Which included The Lazy Vegan's "Kindness to Animals" Award!
Patty's first prize was a bag of special donkey fertilizer!
But the best prize was two stuffed donkeys- that look just like Paco & Luigi!

Deb and Snap win The Lazy Vegan beach totes!
The Tomashefsky boys wonder what their aunt Diana is up to now...
Smart Ass game- PERFECT prize!
A pig, a cow and a chicken give Dad his Lazy Vegan award.

The start of the ceremonies.

Kicking back in the audience.
The moms receive some recognition!

The new Lazy Vegan sign is great for a back drop!
Patty, Snap and "Old Snoopy".
Aaron, Anth & Drew!
Getting shirts with donkeys on the sleeves!
Scott gets the special Lazy Vegan logo t-shirt!