Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mellow Day Before the Fourth of July

Today was a mellow & quiet day, although we did get out in the evening to see some great fireworks at a party in Sebastopol! This afternoon I found Luigi playing with the chain on the gate that divides the corral area from the rest of the pasture...he would pull it toward him and then let go- just like Paco does, but Paco grabs the actual metal gate with his mouth. This went on for some time. They're such smart little donkeys that in no time at all they'll probably be letting themselves out when they feel like it!
Weegie figuring out how the chain works.
Let's see...you just pull it toward you and then let go...easy!
Luigi is quite pleased with himself.

Teamwork with the pitchfork.

Shadow of a jack rabbit.

Randy arrives home.
Waiting rather impatiently for dinner!
Taking down some oak trees at The Lazy Vegan...we have too many and don't want them to start getting too big.
The lazy foreman of The Lazy Vegan.

Luigi is all smiles today!