Thursday, July 31, 2008

More Fun with the Visiting Family

It has been a busy week - haven't even taken ONE animal photo- but managed to take pictures of the visiting family out at the beach house! Here I am above, trying out Drew's brand new bike!
Since I haven't been home much this week I'm starting to get the "cold-shoulder" from the donkeys. Paco gave me a nudge yesterday (hard) as if to say, "Hey (or HAY!)...WHERE have you been?" Even though they act like they don't care about all the attention they usually receive from me, I think they definitely notice when it isn't there. Some time today I have to set aside some quality time for my donkeys- and for cleaning up the pasture!
Drew loves his new BMX bike.

Grandma Snap does her annual repairs on Old Snoopy.
Old Snoopy rides in the back of Grandma Snap's car. He even went to work with her. I can't believe she worked on him a bit at the office!
My very funny family thought this cactus leaf was the perfect vegan dinner.
I figure out how to eat the cactus.

I got help making my giant fruit salad for the Broker's Tour- I was SOOO happy!

Deb, Dad, Snap and Old Snoopy!!
Drew and the new bike.
Resting with Old Snoopy. Old Snoopy is going with Dad & Deb when they meet with Jean Schulz today at the Snoopy Ice Arena/museum. I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall during that introduction!
Lounging at the beach house!