Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Simple Tuesday at the Lazy Vegan

Paco salutes the day!

Today I had the opportunity to reflect back on what I was doing on this day, 23 years ago...rushing to the hospital after a very quick labor to give birth less than an hour later to a baby girl- Karina! I saw Karina on her real birthday today and still can't quite believe she is twenty-three! It just seems amazing how the time has flown...she is such the opposite of me in that she is very modest about her birthday and low-key about any fanfare- while I do everything short of renting an airplane with a banner to announce MY birthday to the world!
Happy Birthday, Karina...the donkeys, dogs & Boulder are singing Happy Birthday in their own way!

Boulder rather likes the idea of renting an airplane to announce his birthday. Only problem is, we have no idea when his birthday is. Every day is like a birthday to Boulder when there's somebody around to open the door to let him out and to open the door to let him in...over and over again!
Fascinated with the pink dog toy in the corral.

Toby is a little unsure how to retrieve his pink toy when it is so close to the donkeys!

My attempt at using the new-found self-timer feature on my camera failed when I set it on the donkeys' "dining shelter" and it fell off! So I resorted to my old, arms-length method of photography for the time being. Paco is very patient at posing. I think he enjoys it!
Toby and the ball, in a series...

Solo looking pretty darn spry for eleven years old!
It's nice to have a brother to rest your head on.

Paco's wide-eyed look and Luigi's sleepy look.

Luigi has been coming around for more affection lately- although he still makes a beeline to the foreman of The Lazy Vegan as soon as he enters the pasture, sometimes even making a wide circle around me to avoid a hug from me! Thankfully Paco makes up for it by accepting kisses and hugs all the time.

Not a bad place to stand and munch your hay!