Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Special Fire Report from Snoopy of Foresthill, California as Told to Snappy, of Forestville, California at the Lazy Vegan!


We break from the usual blog this evening to bring this special fire report from Snoopy of Foresthill, California...as reported to Snappy of Forestville, California...

(editor's note: Snoopy is the childhood stuffed animal belonging to Patty Tomashefsky, sister of Diana Rousseau. Snappy is the childhood stuffed animal belonging to Diana Rousseau, sister of Patty Tomashefsky. The following interview is conducted in stuffed animal language. Should you need this translated, please seek the help of a person who had the childhood that you obviously did not.)

"Huh-doe! This is Snappy, and I am reporting live from FORESTVILLE, California to bring you this very special report of the terrible fire now burning in FORESTHILL, California...so here we go. Uh, Snoopy? Huh-doe! Huh-doe!"

"Huh-doe, Snappy! It is me, Snoopy-I'm jus' sitting here getting weady to go fight the big fire in Foresthill!"

Live in Foresthill, where it is HOT:

"Huh-doe again, Snappy! It is Snoopy, reporting from the fire in Foresthill! I must say it is pwetty hot in my plastic fire fighting suit! I weally feel like I can't even bweathe! As you can see, the fire is pwetty much out of control!"

"Duh, wow, Snoopy! It is twuly amazing, this fire! Can you pweeze give the audience some details?"

"Dwell, Snappy, I started early this morning dwiving to da fire in my special fire engine designed jus' for me. It twas very dangerous, jus' getting to da fire. Da Foresthill Road has now been closed at Sugar Pine Reservoir, east of Foresthill, with bucket-equipped helicopters dipping for water there and boaters not allowed on the water. I took that last sentence from da internet, Snappy, jus' so you know."

"...and dis is me with my crew. Dey are also wearing unbweathable outfits. I sink we need to redeswign des outfits. It is very hot here, Snappy. Very hot. I sink it is hotter dan being in da desert with a heat lamp, pwobably."

"Garsh, Snoopy. I am so sorry dat you are so hot. It does look vewy vewy hot where you are. Can you give us more details for this vewy special report?"

"Dwell, Snappy, today I got to fly the special fire fighting plane. Da stupid photographer cut me off in dis photo, but here you can see me loading da plane, and dat is a detail worth mentioning."

"Doo know, Snappy, it weally is a thwill to be up in the air with da fire below."

"I weally bet it is, Snoopy! And dis concludes our vewy special fire report! Dis is Snappy of FORESTVILLE, California reporting on the fire in FORESTHILL, California where Snoopy is bwavely fighting da fire!"

This concludes the SPECIAL REPORT. We now resume to the usual blog programming.

The baby finches flew off- but we didn't see it!
I took a quick peek in the finch nest today and discovered that it was empty! I had read that they fly off really quickly- at around 14 days, and that would be about right from the first time I ever took a photo...sure would have loved to have seen them take their first flight- and I miss them! They're awfully cute.
We spotted Papa Finch in the tree nearby.
Boulder tried to keep his cool today.

Toby definitely kept his cool!

The donkeys handle the heat well.

Solo sweltered with purple dog.
Donkey view number one:

Donkey view number two:
Paco with hay stuck in his teeth!
Toby and Paco are establishing a rapport again of sorts...
It isn't easy having a fur coat on a hot day!