Saturday, July 12, 2008

Super Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Luigi finds something simply hilarious!

Another fun one at The Lazy Vegan...the donkeys were in good moods today, despite the fact that I had forgotten to put their hay in the feeder for the morning feeding, a routine I usually do the night before when they're in the corral. So I let them out around 5:30 a.m. and shortly afterwards heard some loud braying...both of them looked annoyed when I rushed out to see what the matter was! Of course I was forgiven (and almost trampled) when I hurriedly took out a flake of hay to the pasture!
Playing in the barn.

Paco figures out a way to get into the garden above...both boys eye the house, below.

The boys have discovered that they can push in the wire and get a few nibbles on the forbidden vegetable plants!
This takes up hours of their time...
Paco, twice.

I don't blame them for getting into the garden- the grazing is getting to be pretty sparse.

Toby goes wild on the deck.
Bravo and Toby steal Solo's purple dog!