Tuesday, July 22, 2008

'Tis a Tuesday at The Lazy Vegan...

There's nothing quite like coming home, driving up the driveway and discovering that your donkeys are running madly along the fence line, hee-hawing as they go- acting as if they haven't been fed in days!!! That was the case this afternoon. Paco especially likes to act all perturbed- even did a little back kick. We have to be careful not to overfeed the boys, but when they act SO hungry it is hard for me to believe that they AREN'T actually hungry- and since the only reliable source of miniature donkey information I have is the Miniature Donkey Handbook, I've been searching for answers. I had emailed the author of the handbook (I love the internet) and she emailed back these stern instructions: Two flakes of hay daily between them in June, and then down to one and a half flakes at the end of June, and only 1 flake by the end of July. This is not a lot of hay. At the time I had emailed her, I said they had access to a big pasture with lots of grass- which was true then- now it is pretty barren. So I'll probably fire off another email. In the meantime, the boys are getting more than the instructions said to give!
Looking for some decent grass.
The STARE from Paco.

Weegie loves to bite Paco's neck- all in play!
It was crazy indoor terrier time today.

Boulder put up with it for a while, and then went to the door to be let out!

Even Solo got into the act- howling with his funny little mouth.
If I ran around like the dogs did, I would never have to worry about what I eat.