Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fun Visitors on a Quiet Saturday at The Lazy Vegan

Paco and Luigi were thrilled to have some guests over at The Lazy Vegan today- even though they insisted on finishing their hay first before socializing! Shawn, Lise & Lily were very patient waiting for the donkeys to come around. The dogs, of course, had no trouble immediately acting out for attention- Shawn had to throw the toy/ball constantly for Toby, who finally got so overheated he sought some relief in the automatic waterer. Lily was a very brave little four-year-old dealing with both the dogs and the donkeys. Not much else went on today...I cleaned out the barn and cleaned up more manure in the pasture...really an endless job (both of them)...but totally worth it, to have the wonderful donkeys around!
Both Paco & Luigi were really feeling their oats earlier in the day.
Lise and Lily.
Paco, Shawn, Lily & Bravo.
Becoming acquainted.

Luigi investigates the beer can.
Toby leaps off the terrace.
AAAAHHHHH...there's nothing quite like cooling off in the donkeys' automatic waterer!
Solo loved hanging out with Lise & Lily!

Bravo wishes that Shawn would hang him upside down, too. Maybe.

"Hey Weegie! I just love having visitors!"
Adorable trio.
Solo gets some much-needed reassurance from his papa.
Lise was kind enough to grab the camera for this shot!

I can't recall when I've seen a much cuter mug than this!
Posing on the hillside.
Paco was being pretty friendly!

Seeking a hug from Randy.
Shawn's all ready to go out and get himself some DONKEYS!!!