Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weally a Wather Wonderful Wednesday at the Wazy Wegan!

Randy and Paco share a laugh!

I reverted to stuffed-animal talk for today's post title...not sure why, but maybe looking at the above photo made me do it. The donkeys were in good spirits today and had fun hanging out briefly with the entire crew (minus Boulder, who always seems to have the good sense to watch from a distance). Toby had a moment where he got underfoot- I actually think he might have received a little warning kick from Paco! Other than that, it was a weasonably wonderful day at the Wazy Wegan!

Playing with the self-timer on the camera...I put it on top of the compost bin, but Toby didn't want any part of posing.
Boulder, however, is usually up for a pose or two.
And Paco is a posing-perfectionist!
Randy -- I mean the foreman of the Lazy Vegan -- took this photo.
...and I took this one- I never get tired of the double hugging picture!

Things were pretty sleepy in the morning...

Silly playful donkey expressions!
Toby is always ready to play!

The sunflowers are coming up!

Getting their beauty rest so they can look good for all the passer-bys on Ellen Lane!