Sunday, August 31, 2008

Holiday Weekend Hike on the Property at The Lazy Vegan

I was working on my HTML homework online when suddenly I heard Randy's voice at the front door saying I had some visitors...so I went to the door to find Paco & Luigi standing there (with Randy, of course!). It was a great excuse to take a break from the frustrating homework and walk the property with the donkeys (and dogs, and Boulder...who was somewhere around). The boys are always so excited to get to go for a walk and munch on the weeds and plants and even like to sniff the cars in the driveway!
I try to get Weegie to pose. He wanted nothing to do with it.
Dogs and donkeys.

Yummy weeds!
Some resistance about going over the "rock wall"!
Paco loves the terrace. But then when he decides he's had enough, he's had enough!

Birds on the fence.

My "visitors" at the front door!
Heading up the drive.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Relaxation at The Lazy Vegan

A bit cooler today, thankfully...but still warm enough to seek some shade with the donkeys! Andree was in town from Chicago for the weekend- so she came by with her mom to meet Paco & Luigi (who were on their best behavior). Toby got into the donkey waterer TWICE and I had to clean it out twice- he needs his own little pool! Early this evening, the foreman of The Lazy Vegan made dinner again (could this be a TREND?)...and we sat around mentally designing a swimming pool to go off of the terrace...perhaps someday!
The donkeys want to read, too.
Paco always poses with me!
Bravo caught completely unaware...he has no idea Paco is behind him!
Enjoying the late afternoon breeze.

Toby patiently waits.
Andree and Luigi!
Gerrye, Solo, Andree and Paco.
Gerrye and Paco.
The donkeys follow!
Solo trudges up the hill in the heat. Poor little fellow!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Lazy Foreman Cooks and a Visit from Claire

Claire with Boulder!
Claire came for a visit this evening and we all watched Obama's speech while eating dinner (made by the Foreman of The Lazy Vegan- his specialty: garden pasta) and, later, vegan ice cream cones. Solo had front row seating for the event. He's a big Obama fan, ever since he heard that Obama has promised his girls a dog if he makes it to the White House...perhaps Solo is thinking that dog could be HIM??? There's no way I'd give my little Solo up- even to go live in the White House! Another hot, hot day here today...we're all tired of it, even the donkeys!

Solo howls his approval.

Posing with Solo.
Solo will miss Claire when she returns to college!
The foreman of The Lazy Vegan prepares his speciality dish: garden pasta.

Careful to get just the perfect amount.
Very tricky, making pasta.
A bit of beer is helpful to the cook.

Earlier in the evening, the boys were once again fascinated by the pitchfork.

Paco in particular seems to get a kick out of the pitchfork!

Even though it was hot, Toby still had it in him to leap after the ball.

Still observing the postioning of animals...after Dad alerted us all to a very interesting article about cattle aligning themselves with the magnetic poles of the earth (more on this on a future blog)...so note that the horses below are facing EAST.

While our donkeys face WEST.
The chef must make sure that the zukes are ripe enough before adding them to his speciality dinner: garden pasta. Either that or he has become desperate for some quality meals!
Bravo with the garden basket!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dealing with the Heat at The Lazy Vegan

Boulder cools off on the path!
Another hot one at The Lazy Vegan today...I ran around adding ice cubes to all the various water bowls in the morning and again at noon. Boulder is pretty good about taking care of himself on hot days- he finds a cool and dark spot under the cabin deck (I finally figured out that's where he stays and I put a bowl of water under there, too...of course I then go around emptying all these water bowls at dusk so as not to attract thirsty predators...I'm not exactly conserving water, unfortunately!). The donkeys don't seem to mind the heat but I do see them hitting the salt lick more frequently. I feel most sorry for the dogs, who lounge around panting in the house with no A/C (still cooler than being outdoors, though)...tomorrow evening I plan on giving them all baths with a special peppermint dog shampoo- REFRESHING!

The boys stare at the photographer...who has promised them their sweet grain!
My little Paco.
Luigi in the lead...the boys come trudging into the corral for their bedtime sweet grain!
Paco sings his praise of the pitchfork.
Oh, what fun...playing with the empty sweet grain pan- it actually has become their toy!
"Uh, Weegie- if you can just pick up your end maybe we can toss it around..."
Or roll it...
Figuring out how to pick it up together!

They just have no idea how cute they are during all of this.

A great way to end a hot day...playing with the empty sweet grain pan!