Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dog & Donkey Days of August at The Lazy Vegan

You've heard of the Dog Days of August (I have, at least)...here at The Lazy Vegan we've been having the Dog & DONKEY Days of August! The weather has been great and the animals have all been happy relaxing and lounging around. I've been thinking about giving Paco & Luigi their first bath- but the thought of spraying them with cold water from a hose just doesn't seem right- I need a barn set-up like Martha Stewart has- with warm showers and dryers for her three miniature donkeys!! So far now I'll continue to just brush Paco & Luigi, which is fine with them. They really don't need baths, anyway.
Toby poses in front of the house at dusk.
Luigi finds something Randy said quite funny.
I happened to stop by the Roaster's Cafe to say hi to Karina yesterday, and saw Nick, too- and it was his birthday!! He was beautifully playing a beautiful handmade mandolin.
Toby and Bravo both in their own little worlds.
Paco and Weegie plan their next move.

Hug time from the foreman of The Lazy Vegan.
They sure love their hugs from their "papa"!

...and their kisses!