Monday, August 25, 2008

An Evening Hike Around the Property at The Lazy Vegan

Sweet grain at bedtime for Paco and Luigi!

This evening we took the boys for a stroll around the property...always a favorite thing for them to do- especially when they can score some poppies and oak leaves along the way! I had one scary moment when I opened the door to the house for Solo while casually holding the reins to Luigi in one hand- the door opening made a noise that made Luigi jump and it was all I could do to maintain control- the donkeys are SUPER strong, especially when you're caught unaware! Other than being spooked, Luigi was a real gentleman this evening- although he still zooms down the driveway a bit too fast for my liking!

After the walk, Randy looked around the pasture to see where the boys had put their sweet grain pan- they like to play with it and it ends up in strange places!
Luigi was in a pretty playful mood and chased Randy down the hill!
Luigi was quite pleased with himself.
Funny little donkey this evening.
Dog, man, donkey, cat.

The whole crew was out for the walk.

Randy even took his glass of wine with him.

Paco is always intrigued by the front terrace.
And tonight was also interested in my car!

Getting harnessed up for the walk...there were problems with Paco's harness (I had put it on wrong) and Luigi patiently waited while the foreman of The Lazy Vegan fixed it.

Luigi rests his head on Paco while waiting.
Paco and Randy discuss the day.
Heading toward the cabin.
Stopping by the bench.

It is a little harder than it looks harnessing up the boys!

"Hey, Weegie! I think we're going places!"

One patient little donkey. TWO patient little donkeys!