Monday, August 18, 2008

Hanging Out in the Garden at The Lazy Vegan

The garden has become a great place for us to hang out with the animals in the evenings...Randy takes out his wine and the salt shaker (to eat the tomatoes straight off the plant) and I head out with the camera...and depending on their moods, the donkeys sometimes join us on the other side of the fence!
The foreman of The Lazy Vegan...a.k.a. Randy...has requested that I not take so many photos of him. So I think a photo of the back of him really qualifies as hardly a photo at all.

Boulder, on the other hand, doesn't care how many photos I take of him!
Randy's turn with the camera. Luckily I don't care how many photos are taken of me, either.

Stunning artichoke flower!
Me with little Bravo.
Toby right on target in the garden!

Boulder looking skyward.

A look only Toby can make.
I don't know how Toby would look if a ball wasn't involved!
Toby enters the garden.
Bravo...always certain there's something more interesting going on at the other side of the fence...