Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Heat is Hot on a Sunday at The Lazy Vegan

It turned out to be a pretty darn hot day here at The Lazy Vegan...and we were in a housecleaning mood- Randy went crazy getting all the spider webs that were up super high...taking time out at lunch to play a bit of guitar! And later in the day we had a visit from Snap & Teri- it was Teri's first visit with the donkeys! I'm slowly starting to realize that not everyone wants to jump right in to the dust & heat of the pasture with the donkeys...even though I certainly am comfortable doing so! After a while you just don't even notice the dust- not even when it is coming off in clouds when you pat the donkey's back...I just am blinded by their cuteness, so anything to do with them is acceptable to me! Notice the new Obama quote on the blog...nice to know where he stands regarding animal welfare!
Bravo takes advantage and hops right up on Grandma Snap's lap!
Saying hi to Luigi and Paco through the fence!
The donkeys were very well behaved.
And were just a bit fascinated by a smell on Snap's shoes!
Earlier in the day, the boys romped around in the heat, playing with an empty bucket!

I'm going to do what Deb suggested- go out and buy them their own empty buckets for toys!
Endless fun-- or I should say, BUCKETS of fun!!

More from the garden...and our green "super" drink.

The horses across the way take a nap.
Why clean house when you can play guitar? (Seriously, though- the foreman of The Lazy Vegan spent HOURS cleaning- he's very thorough- he may not clean often, but when he does- WATCH OUT!).
To add to the bucket fun was some water run-off from cleaning the automatic waterer!